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"Together We Are One"

Technology and education are united in today's classrooms. At SMS we provide each classroom with networked PCs to complement our PC computer lab.  In addition to the arts, music and foreign language instruction, the students have technology class weekly.

Technology is becoming an integrated piece of all our learning.  In January 2012, we opened our new state-of-the-art Computer Lab with 32 new PCs equipped with Windows 7 OS. All are connected to the school network and the internet.  Each student in grades 4th through 8th has their own unique Userid and password for access to the SMS network.  These credentials give the students access to the school's public drive as well as their own private drive, providing the students a safe place in which to store their data that is backed up daily.  The children are further protected by a OpenDNS, an internet content filter that denies access to inappropriate materials as well as social networking sites such as Twitter, Instagram and the like. OpenDNS is widely known in the industry and is used by more than 1/3 of the schools in the country. Students are permitted to use YouTube on a limited and monitored basis.

Saint Margaret Regional School also utilizes Smart Board Technology in grades PK - 8 and iPad technology in K - 3rd grade.

The SMS Website - If students are off sick, they do not have to rely on a classmate or their parents to pick up their homework for them; they can visit this website, click on the Classrooms link at the top of the home page, find their class and check their homework. Therefore, all SMS information is centralized here for easy access!

Cornerstone provides easy communication between teachers and parents and allows for parents to access their child's assignments and grades. The site is easily accessible for any teacher or parent with internet access, and they can log in with a personal, secure password.

Teachers can input studentsí demographic data and/or attendance record, up-to-date class assignments, grade books and report cards. Parents can then log in whenever they want to keep track of their child(ren)'s progress.

Technology at SMS