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"Together We Are One"

In addition to our superior academic standards, St. Margaret's school strives to develop our studentsí spiritual well being.

Specific examples of our studentsí religious development are as follows:

        * Religion Class is taught daily, to all grades

        * All students attend mass, as a school, at neighboring Saint Margaret's Church on the First Friday of     each month and on Holy Days of Obligation

        * Prayer services are held during certain Saintís Feast Days (e.g., St Francis of Assisi , St Nicholas, etc)

        * Students attend Stations of the Cross during Lent, which culminates with the Living Stations presented the Wednesday before Easter

        * Students participate in community service projects

        * Class prayers are recited, along with the pledge to the flag, in the morning; prayers are also recited before and after lunch and before dismissal

        * Students are strongly encouraged to meet their Sunday obligation by attending Mass